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You can lead with integrity...
and balance

Help more people by taking charge of your own life.

You love to give and help. You're tired from it all, but you can't walk away - it's your calling.


You have ambition. You have what it takes to really make a difference.

But you're stuck, broke(n), and lost.

You keep going, but now you're questioning yourself. 

It's time.

With my Signature Reset Program you will:

  • live a balanced life - with confidence and purpose.

  • Be connected with your community AND your self.

  • Wake up in the morning excited about your day.

  • Say "No" without guilt or shame.

  • Live your life feeling free.


This is how you change the world.

Customized 1-on-1 Coaching

Unleash your story.

Receive customized support with 1-on-1 coaching, video trainings and workbooks

Start and end each day feeling energized, all while making a giant impact in your community.







People are saying...

This was my favorite session so far! I loved her CHA-CHA method because it was so simple but I think will help me build sustainable habits.

- Idaho Nonprofit Conference Participant

Kyla Cofer, CLC

Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach, Podcast Host












Kyla is a leadership coach, podcaster and keynote speaker and writer. Her work focuses on burnout, compassion fatigue and integrity in leadership. In 2019 Kyla developed the Passion Restoration Project, a course combined with personalized 1:1 coaching, to help leaders both heal from and prevent burnout so that they can continue to change the world. The Leadership School Podcast is dedicated to those leaders who have always known they had leadership in them, but weren't sure where to start.

As a dynamic keynote speaker, story-teller and workshop presenter, Kyla will give you the tools you've been searching for to heal from burnout, embrace failure, and step into being the great leader you were born to be.


Kyla knows what it feels like. She has been through depression, low self-worth, and burnout, and seen the other side. She now embraces her leadership skills and change lives - without burning out. It's Kyla's life's dream that mental and emotional health become cultural standards in a way that encourages long-term commitments to the slow processes of political and social change.


On a more personal note, I take notice of details, and sometimes notice things before they happen or before I'm supposed to know about them. I crave wholeness. And when I say wholeness, I mean I need to see things made whole - anything from kids toys with missing pieces to broken relationships or a perfectly decorated cake. I love traveling, carpentry, and breaking out in dance or a show tune. I have a loud laugh, but I refuse to laugh at those videos of people getting hurt while being stupid. I live in Nashville, TN with my Husband and two entertaining children and we are attempting to visit every playground in the city.


Kyla has been on the starting end of multiple nonprofits and businesses, and has spent almost 20 years in the pursuit of justice through volunteering, donating, supporting, and being an advocate for numerous causes. She holds a B.S. in Family & Human Services from John Brown University, and is certified as a coach through the Life Purpose Institute.

As a small business consultant, Kyla offers leadership coaching, team training and advisory services, as well as bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses. 

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