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With personal stories of struggles, research-backed methods, and audience interaction, I engage participants with simple tools to heal from burnout, embrace failure, and take ownership of their journey to greatness.

I've had the pleasure of sharing my story with audiences of all sizes since I was 15 years old, from Oregon, USA to South Africa. 

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Balance in Leadership: create sustainable habits so you don't burn out

As leaders, we hold long to-do lists, big ideas, and great responsibilities. What happens if we focus so much on those that we forget to take care of our own wellbeing? This talk is energetic and engaging, teaching the audience about the realities of burnout. By the end of the talk, participants will know the crucial elements of self care and how to use them as tools to make a big impact without burning out. 

Failure Is A Tool To Success

An entertaining and engaging talk for emerging leaders. Reprogramming our minds to accept failure relieves stress and contributes to our overall well-being. Through personal stories of failures (some rather embarrassing!) participants learn

1) how to change their perspectives to change outcomes

2) How to enhance meaning in our lives and

3) how to craft an apology as a tool for when mistakes hurt others. 

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