Women are like cars.

I have finally moved into my own place! I was just telling my roommate that something about moving to this place has given me a sense of empowerment that I have never had. It’s really fantastic. I love my house, my new roommates, my new possibilities.

I finally feel like transition is happening. Since moving here one week ago, I have finally called back people who mean the world to me but who I have not kept in touch with. The move created a stress reliever for me that gave me time and encouragement to get some other things done (including applying for more jobs).

My time here has been the best time of my life so far. I am enjoying and growing in community in a mighty way. Every day, someone new comes into my life that I am able to bless or that blesses me. And then there’s men. Either there are more of them in this part of the country, or they have more courage than the ones in DC. Either way, there are certainly more of them interested in me than ever before. I’ve had more conversations about relationships than I ever have – and I’m a woman – I talk about men all of the time! So thank you, men in Tennessee. You have not only given me a great conversation topic and made my life more interesting, but you have given me great joy in the last few months through your conversations.

I was just talking with my new friend, Tony, about relationships. It turns out that Tony has great insight into relationships. We just met this week but have already had some great conversations. I thought I would share tonight’s analogy with you.

Yes, chemistry is important. Whether or not you are attracted to another person is important. However, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. It’s like a car. You can be attracted to the body, but the important thing is that the engine works. A great sports car will look good when you’re standing next to it, but if the engine doesn’t run or has something seriously wrong with it, you’re going to waste your time and money!


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