When I can’t escape the words

Do you ever feel like you’re just…fighting? Like you can see ahead all the things that you want and need to do but you can’t. What is it that they say? Something about how your “get up and go” won’t “get up and go”. I may have made that up.

A year ago, I was reading close to 100 blogs and articles a day. I was so active on twitter and facebook, because I saw hundreds of people who always seemed right in the middle of things. I thought that if I wasn’t reading and participating at a constant, steady pace, I was a slacker.

Then I read so many blogs and articles about Jesus and Christianity, that I began to resent the Jesus being represented. So much that I wanted to walk away from the perceived Christian life. By that, I mean, the Christianity that people think of when they hear the world “Christian”. Or, at least, what I think people think of. Confused?

Yeah, me too. I needed a break. So I categorized my blog reader into “fun blogs” and “serious blogs”. I currently see 274 unread “serious blogs”, and that’s because I think my reader started erasing unread posts. This was my “Jesus break”. I didn’t want a break from Jesus, exactly, just from the endless flow of opinions about him. Particularly opinions that weren’t about Jesus at all, but more about the people who threw his name around to up their Klout score.

I began investing myself elsewhere. In my community, with my friends and neighbors. I started going to a church with a building. A place where so many people knew me they thought I was already a member even though I hadn’t been to a service there in years. I read books that had been neglected. I researched ideas on decorating my home – something I’d never really done even though I’ve lived on my own for a decade.

And I watched a lot of Hulu.com.

My writing slowed. Then, last month, it stopped altogether. My resolution to write at least one offline published article this year, forgotten.

Promises to blog and for giveaways, although sincere, unkept.

Forgive me for neglecting you. And thank you for checking here weekly, anyway.

Each day, my mind spins with new ideas for articles and conversations. Getting them to the screen is taking more effort than I’d like it to, but they’ll be there. Sometimes I can’t escape the words, and other times it’s they can’t escape me.


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