What I’m Looking For: Eric Brown

The day after I received the CD, I baked Zucchini bread (oh yes, and it was delicious), lit a candle, pressed play, and read a novel. One of the absolute best ways to spend a Saturday.

That day was made great by the relaxing, capturing music and lyrics from Eric’s new album. There is no listening to one or two songs here, as each song brought to me Eric’s thoughts and musical gifts. I listened to the album 3 times while reading my book that day, and was thrilled that it’s right up my alley as far as style and lyrics. Songs slow enough that you can capture the words, fast enough that you don’t fall asleep, rhythms that could be compared to others, but are distinct and unique (oops, that rhymed). My favorite songs are “Hold on” and “Eskimos” – which you need to listen to for yourself. Mr. Brown has poured his heart into “What I’m Looking For”, made obvious by the quality of music and thoughtful lyrics.

What I didn’t like: As a piano player, I really love piano/keyboard parts and don’t think there are enough of them in the album. The guitar is excellent, but tends to drown out some of the other parts. Also, I don’t like the repetition in “Nashville Song”. But really, what is that to complain about? This is an excellently recorded and produced album, that I’m going to be listening to for years.

Interested? Check out Eric’s blog for more album reviews and to buy your own copy!


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