What goes up…

roller coaster

-Celebrated a dear friend’s birthday

-Ran 3 miles with a running group, when I was so tired that I thought I couldn’t make my feet move. But I did it. And at a pace two minutes faster than I normally run.

-Slept. Rested. Then watched a “B” movie with some of my favorite people, in my favorite, restful place.

-Supported a friend’s art. Enjoyed great conversation. Beautiful art.

-Middle-of-the-night reflective, tear-filled, gracious, hopeful conversation.

-Rested. More friends. Church. Jesus.

-Watched Matt Damon Adjustment Bureau

My youth group leader in high school would occasionally tell me, “What goes up, must come down”. Maybe it’s because I stayed up past my curfew every night this weekend. Maybe because it’s before 10am. Whatever the reason, this morning I’m feeling down.

I don’t get it. I had a great weekend. My ‘people-meter’ was filled. My need for rest was taken care of. So this morning I should be feeling great, on top of the world.

But I find myself reading facebook and twitter and thinking “woe is me”.

That’s ugly.

It’ll pass. Hopefully by 10am when I actually wake up. If not, I know it will eventually. What goes down usually comes back up, but it takes more work.

Does anyone else ever experience this? What do you think of the saying “What goes up, must come down”?

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