What are your talents?

Yesterday I wrote about knowing what our Spiritual Gifts are.  I know that two of my gifts are Encouragement and Discernment. So what does this mean?

Remember the definition I posted of Spiritual Gifts? No? Ok, here it is again:

Spiritual Gifts are unique interests and talents that have been given by God to each person who follows Him, for the specific purpose of using those gifts and talents in service to God.

Check out the last part of that. For the specific purpose of using those gifts and talents in service to God.

As an encourager, it’s my job to encourage you as much as, and in any way that I can. If you’re struggling to complete a task (usually around mile 10 of a marathon), I’m the one who wants to stand next to you, and cheer you on. If you’ve had a rough day, I want to hug you and tell you tomorrow will be better. If you are a great leader or a great cook, artist, mom, dad, or writer, I am going to be right there telling you “nice work, you’re good at what you do!”. I happen to believe that encouragers are extremely important (aren’t all of the spiritual gifts?) and I find great joy in using this gift.

Discernment I’m still working on, it’s a little more difficult to explain than encouragement. I usually think of this as Wisdom. With this gift, I have the responsibility of thinking through situations and issues and determining an outcome. Usually this is in the form of counseling. Unfortunately, I’m much better at using this gift when it comes to other people than with myself. Life is full of growth opportunities though, and I plan on spending mine learning how to use the gifts of Wisdom and Prophecy.

Putting my administrative gifts to action.

I also mentioned the gift of Administration, of which I kick butt. If you need an administrative task handled, I am the woman to make it happen. This talent comes as a surprise to me, but will prove extremely helpful as I continue to pursue what God has called me to do. There is no way I would think about pursuing some of the things I’ve been asked to do if I did not have the gift of administration.

I know that I am being called to a certain task. I know that my interests and talents, or Spiritual Gifts, make me a perfect candidate to begin and complete certain tasks. God wouldn’t have it any other way.

How are you using your spiritual gifts?


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