Week in review

Wow – Great reading this week! Here’s what I’ve been reading on the web.

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  1. We are our fathers’ children, but we are not their choices by Max Andrew Dubinsky for A Deeper Story.  I liked this post so much that I spent hours reading Max’s personal blog.

  2. I discovered the Mennonite Weekly Review last week, and am truly enjoying each article I read there. Here’s one by Shane Claiborn, highlighting Pentecost Sunday.

  3. It would be a cryin’ shame if I didn’t point you to Rachel Held Evans this week. She wrote a loud piece called Blessed Are The Un-Cool.

  4. For creators, if you missed the synchroblog on Creative Block this week, you’re missing out. Kyle Reed pulled together a group of blog-o-rifics for this event. If you create, and you are familiar with creative block, these bloggers have your back.

What posts did you enjoy this week? Send them along!

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