Week in review

I’m out at the Wild Goose Festival, but I didn’t want to leave you with empty space! Here are two good posts that I read this week, and a website as a bonus.

writing in the journal
  1. For those who hurt by Bethany

  2. Comparison, Guilt, & Redemption, a guest post on Mary DeMuth’s blog. (p.s. her new book releases soon – check it out, it’s great!)

  3. And because this is a scheduled post, I’m just going to point you in the general direction of Sojourner’s Magazine. I realize some of you have never heard of Sojourner’s, so I’d like to introduce you.

I’ll be back here on Monday with a newly designed blog space. Note to email subscribers: you should still see posts next week, but if by some technical error that you don’t, I hope you stick with me and I’ll fix that error right away.  I also hope you’ll swing by here on Monday and check out the new design.

See you Monday!

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