Week in review

Is it Friday already? Here’s what kept me busy all week:

  1. Next Monday, we are celebrating the Independence of the United States.  We love our country, and we love celebrating. Other countries celebrate, too. My good friend, Shelly, writes about Independence celebrations in Madagascar. Malagasy Independence Day

writing in the journal
  1. You already know I went to the Wild Goose Festival last weekend. Here’s a detailed recap of the weekend from another woman’s perspective. Crazy, Holy, Hungry Ones – Julie Clawson

  2. If you found this blog because of the Wild Goose Fest, or if you are intrigued by this conversation about Geese, check out the Synchroblog which will compile as many of the articles about the Goose (which is actually not a Goose, but a metaphor for the Holy Spirit. True story.) as it can. I’ll likely be reading every one of them!

  3. More WGF: photos compiled by Adam Moore

  4. Lastly, here’s the twitter link for WGF posts #WGF11

Next week on the blog: Sunday – Mower Photography Wednesday – 3 Reasons I call myself a Mennonite Saturday – My sister’s throwing a wedding, and I’m guest posting for Mary DeMuth!

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