Week in review

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Looking for new things to read? Here’s what kept me busy all week:

  1. Who is Mark Driscoll and what is the kerfuffle about?

  2. New book: Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me: A Memoir…of sorts by Ian Morgan Cron. Here’s an interview with the author, from Michael Hyatt. What’s this book about? “It’s about the unfinished business of grace” -Ian Cron.  This book is humorous, relational, and an overall well-written story of Ian’s life and relationship with his alcoholic father. I hope you read it.

  3. Several months ago,  you prayed for Roger & Holly. Thank you! Here’s an update on Roger’s brain tumor. Check out their other posts for updates on their journey to become pregnant.

  4. I began following Anne Jackson’s blog and twitter about a year ago. I’m continually impressed with this gal. She is consistently vulnerable, which gives me strength to do the same. I’m better off for it. This post gives us a clue into how she’s finds courage to live with vulnerability.

  5. I tweeted this post earlier today, but want to share it here. Shaun King likes to push boundaries. Sometimes (not many, just some) I disagree with him and think he needs to calm down. This is not one of those times. He’s spot on and speaks truth much more eloquently than I’m able. My respect for Shaun runs deep, and I would serve next to him any day of the week. His question: Are we addicted to Christianity?

Bonus post:

  1. Shane Claiborne and I get along well, because we think alike. And because we’re both awesome (obviously). He wrote a little piece for the Mennonite Weekly Review, containing a few thoughts on the emerging church.

Next week on the blog*: Monday – The Pittsburgh Project Wednesday – Winning and Losing with God Friday – Week in Review

*Subject to change. I’m not a fortune-teller!


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