Week in review

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Did you catch these posts this week?

  1. Nadia Bolz-Weber writes honestly about our need for a solution from addiction. What’s that? You don’t have an addiction? Well, read this for the people who do.

  2. Michael Hyatt ventures into talking about boundaries this week. Ah yes, my favorite word. 5 Reasons you need to get better at saying no.

  3. Have you heard of Dorothy Day? Please tell me you’ve heard of Dorothy Day. Here’s a lovely piece on Remembering Dorothy Day.

  4. Pay attention. There is life outside of the U.S. And those lives are just as important as whatever you have to do today. Famine in Somalia.

Bonus site:

  1. Conspire Magazine – I won a book!

Next week on the blog*: Monday – Book Giveaway! Friday – Week in Review

*Subject to change. I’m not a fortune-teller!


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