Week in review

I took this week nice and slow, and it went much better than last. I finally feel like I’m back into a rhythm of life. The week included reading, researching, writing, running, and eating fresh vegetables.

Photo Credit: Brianna Wilcox

Here’s a glimpse of what I read this week:

  1. Fellow Anabaptist, Kurt Willems,  shares his theological journey. Read it all, but don’t miss the last paragraph. He shares of hiding his beliefs in order to find acceptance, and in the process how he came to accept his beliefs. Coming out of the theological closet.

  2. Did anyone else pick their jaw up off the floor after reading this? I just wanted to wrap up Nebraskan Warren Buffett in a big old hug. We Nebraskans like to claim good people when we see them.

  3. I’ve read several adoption stories over the last few years, but they are difficult to relate to at this stage in my life. I thought this story by Jen Hatmaker was going to be “just another adoption story”, but surprised myself with tears and a sense of “God isn’t finished with me yet“.

  4. I had heard mention of it this magazine, but never read it. I got my hands on a copy this week and couldn’t put it down. If you want to know how U.S. Christians are fighting injustice around the world, read Reject Apathy.


  1. Submit your photos for the week in review here. See the guidelines here.

Next week on the blog:

Wednesday –  Guest Post for Alise Write (go hang out at her site for a slew of great guest posters this month!) Friday – Week in Review


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