Two. Two? TWO! Two.

If you read that word enough times, it starts to look misspelled.

Yes, I have lived in Nashville for two years.  For as long as I lived in DC.  I feel significantly older. The last year, has been, well, weird. I really can’t come up with another word. Weird. Yes, that describes it. My old professors would cringe.

2009 in review:

  1. Thanksgiving with family in Mississippi, where i read all but the last 2 chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird

  2. Christmas with my family and a cardboard cutout of my brother

  3. Texas in January for said brother’s AF basic training graduation, reunions with friends

  4. Support raising and letter-writing

  5. Traveled to Botswana and South Africa

  6. Read Anna Karenina

  7. Read lots of other books.


  9. Applied to 100+ jobs

  10. Road-tripped to California, which included two reunions, and Disneyland

  11. Spent lots of time with my family in Nebraska

  12. Family Reunion! Every August.

  13. Began writing real letters

  14. Lauren visited!

  15. Jonathan visited!

  16. Dr. Johnson visited!

  17. Quit a job, lived unemployed, started a new job

  18. Moved out, house-hopped, moved in

  19. Prayed

  20. Didn’t date. With the exception of, um, two ‘just friends’ dinners and Disneyland.

  21. Began training for 1/2 marathon

  22. Let go of a few things

  23. Attended a wedding/roommate reunion in Seattle

  24. Went to the famous Route 66 stop: Loveless Cafe

  25. And just last week: Read the last two chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird.


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