Tuesdays in the Chapel

Every Tuesday this semester, the Scarritt Bennett center has hosted “Tuesdays in the Chapel”, a thirty- minute, Interfaith (ok, Methodist) worship service. These services welcomed me into the presence of Christ each week, through a focused, beautiful service. The beauty of the building and format of the service each week allow me to step out of United States religious culture and into the greater Kingdom of God. I thought I would share today’s prayers with you in hopes that you will grow and be encouraged, as I was.

Dear God, hope often seems to be a far-off vision. When we are surrounded by brokenness, we yearn for hope to fill us. When we see people hurting, nations fighting, and children hungry and cold, hope tends to become hopelessness. The prophets of old articulated hope and in so doing they helped God’s people realize that the majority opinion or the status quo was not necessarily the will of God. They became daring in their expression of hope; open to the promises of God; and over and over again they rekindled hope in God’s people. Help us during this Advent, to trust in your goodness and love; to come closer to a life full of hope; and to be attentive to your gidance as we wait, prepare and hope for your coming. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.
This Advent, let me prepare for the birth day of Jesus with renewed longing in my heat for God’s coming; with enough space in my life to allow for the special moments; with an open heart and an open mind to hear of peace, joy and justice; with the eagerness and wonder of a child; with a waiting that acknowledges excitement, hope and the unexpected. Let me wait in faith for God’s Promised One. Amen.

Free Christmas concerts will take place in the chapel in December, and services begin again on January 4; I hope you are able to attend.


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