Today is Monday.

Today is Monday. It is 10:21am.

Tent accomodations

Pilansburg Tent

After spending 17 hours in one plane, and a total of of nearly 26 hours travel time, I arrived in Johannesburg. Friends met me at the airport and we went directly to Pilansberg Game Reserve for two nights.

There, I saw 3 of Africa’s Big 5 (leopard, rhino, elephant) and many more beautiful creatures. Following day two of the game drive, we made a few stops and then crossed the border to Botswana. Saturday was spent in Gabarone (hab-a-rone-ie [not phonetic but I’m sure you’ll figure it out]), getting to know the town a little and enjoying time with my friends. Sunday morning I

Big T

Big T

enjoyed worshiping with them at their international church. There were families that worship together from all over the world, which is a beautiful reflection of the body of Christ. By Sunday afternoon I was in the air again, to Johannesburg and on to Durban.



In Durban I was greeted by Sarah, and surprised by the Angels of Mercy Pregnancy Crisis Centre team. I believe a photo is tagged on facebook, but I’m unable to post it here.

I’m almost recovered from jet lag. My poor friends to the right here had to put up with my slow conversation and lack of energy. They were great hosts, though. We even pulled out some old favorite games from our friend group in DC (thanks, Sam & Sarah!). I love that we can enjoy friendships all over the world!

The timely sermon Sunday morning was about our cup overflowing from the Good Shepherd. I was encouraged as I thought about this trip and the way in which Christ is filling me to overflowing with his love and provisions, so much so that others are able to drink of it as well. I’ll be reflecting on those words all week.

Today is Monday. It is now 11:11am. I am enjoying a computer lab while Sarah attends a meeting. Today and tomorrow will be spent catching up with Sarah (we haven’t seen each other in nearly 2 years!) and getting to know the city a little.  Wednesday will be my first day at the Centre. I’m very grateful that I’ve had one week to rest before jumping into work there. Not only has the jet lag reduced my energy, but the weeks leading up to the trip were very busy and stressful for me. I am enjoying every minute of this rest so that I can devote myself fully to the work ahead.

Lastly, I was reminded today of the unavailability of jobs in Nashville. I’m trying not to be anxious about that, but it’s probably going to be on my mind throughout this trip. Please pray that I won’t let thoughts of no job hinder my time here in South Africa, and continue to pray that I will find a job when I return to Nashville.

Consider yourself updated!


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