Think twice.

Wednesday was my last day as a member of the Think Twice: Undiluted team. The Think Twice: Undiluted program is a nation-wide Christian program which enters local schools to talk about love, sex and relationships. The course is run once a week as part of a required life-skills class, and continues for a total of six weeks. During those six weeks, issues such as sex, STIs, boundaries, and pregnancy are discussed.

The program is designed to be interactive, often using student volunteers to make a point. For example, today my portion of the presentation was to discuss boundaries. While I briefly defined boundaries, I asked a student to stand next to me. She was not to move from the space that I asked her to stand in. Once I had introduced the concept of boundaries, I began to move as close to this student as I could. At first, this proved a little difficult, because culturally, her personal space bubble isn’t as large as it is for a white South African. Touching her arm with mine, or putting my arm around her tightly didn’t bother her so much. However, once I faced her and put my face close to hers, she physically leaned back and stepped out of the space. She began to put her hands up as a barrier between the two of us, and I was able to teach the students that it was appropriate for her to do so. I even went so far as to tell her it was okay to push me out of the way, which she did, causing a sea of laughter. This opened up further discussion about boundaries. Since this particular class takes place in a Girl’s School, I was able to talk specifically about a woman’s self worth, and that boundaries are positive and healthy in relationships with boys.

Since it’s beginning, the Think Twice: Undiluted team has taught in four schools, and the program seems to be growing rapidly. They will begin teaching in a new school soon after I leave. The team is quite small, so prayers are appreciated for new, godly volunteers.

To give you more of a picture of my life here, it’s important to know that the Angels of Mercy Pregnancy Crisis Centre is a very young organization; the centre opened its doors in July 2008. The staff of the organization currently consists of Pat Bayley, Founder and Director. Before I arrived, Pat was blessed to have an excellent part-time volunteer assistant. Fortunately for Veni, unfortunately for Pat, Veni found a full-time paying job in January. Without an assistant, Pat has been burning her candle from both ends trying to run this organization and be a single mom. Therefore, as I’ve mentioned in previous updates, I’m busy doing a lot of administrative tasks. From designing flyers for fundraisers and organizing files to brainstorming and sorting donations, my self-created title is: Executive Assistant to the Director; or, from the perspective of Dwight Schrute, Assistant Manager.

I have just finished putting together final details for the Girls Think Twice Programme. The GTTP, or Galz Clubhouse, is a programme for teenage girls to learn about pregnancy and the responsibilities of caring for a baby. It runs for two hours each day during school holidays. This will be the third programme, and I’m [mostly] in charge. I’m definitely not doing all of the tasks to prepare, there are several volunteers who just give their all to this centre. They’ll be helping me put together the final touches so that we can run a great programme together next week. Please pray that many girls show up and that the all runs smoothly so that they can absorb the most information.

My last day at the centre will be Easter Sunday, and I will be in Nashville by tax day. Please pray that the remainder of the trip is fruitful and that I serve Him well.


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