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Twitter uses a system, called hashtags, to send out information about a certain topic. For example, if I want to be a part of the conversation about the Occupy Wall Street protests, I can send out a tweet using the phrase #OWS. It creates an automatic link to every person who uses #OWS in a tweet. This tool helps to keep you informed about any type of conversation.

A popular hashtag each week is #FF, or Follow Friday. It’s a way for me to encourage people reading my tweets, to follow someone I like. So I just clicked on today’s #FF and saw this:

Brendon Fogle

bfogle75 Brendon Fogle  #FF @Tearsinrain78 …his heart is measured in kilos. Help this cause too!

I could click on those links, check out the twitter profile for @Tearsinrain78, and decide if that’s a person I’m interested in hearing more from. (For the record, I did just click on that cause and am so glad I did. I am now a follower!)

For the next few weeks of #FF, I thought I’d bring it on over to the blog, and share my blogroll with you. Here are some of the blogs that I read. The ones below, post at least once a week, and are full of rich content. Check a few of them out, you might make a new friend.

A Deeper Story – A collection of writers, talking about some of the deeper thoughts in life. I like the high-level thinking found here, and the willingness of these writers to be truthful about their personal stories.

Alise Write – She’s passionate and honest. Alise writes about life and faith. She is also the editor of Not Alone: Stories of Living with Depression. Alise is always kind and gracious, and doesn’t hold back what she’s thinking.

And Justice For All – Photos and clips, relating to justice issues.

Confessions of a Legalist – Jeremy writes about transitioning from a legalist (living under laws, rules) Christian background. He lives in a log cabin in the woods and while that has nothing to do with his blog, I think it’s pretty cool.

Deep Thoughts With B. – I don’t use Tumblr, but I really enjoy reading tumblr blogs. Even if I’m in a hurry, I make the time to read this one. It’s full of pictures and quotes, lots of surfboards and tattoos. Bethany manages the And Justice For All blog. More about her next week, she’s guest posting here on Monday!

Elizabeth Esther – She’s an ENFP on the Myers and Briggs personality scale, and blogs to match it. This week, she wrote a post about how to clean house based on your personality type. She, like Alise, doesn’t hold back what she’s thinking, and teaches the rest of us as she processes her own life.

Fresh To Death – Another Tumblr blog, that I enjoy. This is my friend, Matthew, whom I met this summer. He like poetry, pipe smoking, and can’t wait until he can teleport between San Francisco and Pittsburgh. He might or might not have a black belt (Matthew, was that photo really you?!).

Goins, Writer – If you’ve read my blog in the last week, you already know about Jeff Goins. I couldn’t leave him off of the blogroll! His encouragement on being a better writer and creator is one of my weekly motivators. His wisdom applies to more than just writing.


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