Thank you for tulips

A wonderful follow-up to my previous post that needs to be shared. This was emailed to me from someone I can’t wait to meet. Enjoy and leave your comments. Let us also contribute to the conversation on relationships as a reflection on metaphors…when looking for analogies about relationships it is very tempting to use subjects of means i.g. cars, houses, books, refrigerators, computers, what have you. All of things of ownership, which are judged and critiqued based on a variety of criteria and merit. Further, all these object/things are not ends in themselves…but means to ends i.e. cars for transportation, houses for shelter, refrigerators for keeping alcohol cold. It’s tempting to treat people in this same manner (despite how much you are trying to be considerate)… whether they are friends, family, or strangers. This person is good because they look X, or they are great because they do Y, they have Z and said 123. We then can check (or uncheck) our ‘consumer report’ to identify whether they meet, exceed, or fail standard specifications.

I would suggest we adopt a different paradigm for synthesizing your relationships between sexes, friends, family etc. Might we use organic metaphors of biology…things that grow and transform. Things that change and surprise us. Things which cause us to be more reflective on how we interact…things that cant necessarily be owned and controlled. Plants for example. Just because Idon’t think it’s beautiful today doesn’t mean it wont be beautiful tomorrow (and vice versa). As a tree grows, it will never be the tree of yesterday. My perspective and perceptions change as it changes, as does my personal relationships. I care for them for what they ARE, and not what they can or cant do for me…or what i can or cant make them do.

Looking at women as cars has typically been a misogynistic perspective. You keep cars in the garage, you use them for own image, or use them to do whatever you want them to do. Let’s adopt metaphors which contribute value to both sexes…and encourages to see all people with inherent value because of what they are and not for another reason. -Jesse Walls

An another note – I want to say Thanks to God for the wonderful things he has done.

  1. My friend Roger will be going home soon after living away from his wife for many months!

  2. I was given a second job after praying that I needed a job to fall into my lap. Not exactly what I was looking for, but God knows better than me.

  3. A fantastic sister and friend who knew what to say at the right time to help me clarify my thoughts and give me peace about a situation.

  4. Two years of living and working in DC which transformed me in miraculous ways.

  5. He spoke Spanish through me at a crucial event which I was not capable of translating for.

  6. Developing of relationships

  7. Time

  8. Bringing me to a place where I know without a doubt that I am exactly where He wants me to be.


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