Spiritual Gifts

“She has the spiritual gift of sending mail”, my roommate said yesterday afternoon. My roommate enjoys using that phrase; Person A “has the spiritual gift of…” with the conclusion of the phrase always referencing something Person A is really good at. Perhaps the ‘spiritual gift’ is sending mail like her friend yesterday, or washing dishes, or sarcasm (yes, it’s a gift), encouragement, contagious laughter, teaching, mowing lawns, and so on and so forth.

These children have the spiritual gift of coloring.

As far as I am aware, there is no strict definition of Spiritual Gift, but I’m pretty sure if a definition existed, it would look something like this:

Spiritual Gifts are unique interests and talents that have been given by God to each person who follows Him, for the specific purpose of using those gifts and talents in service to God.

Now, this post isn’t to debate the wording of the above definition, and I wrote it in all of five minutes, so there are definitely variations. You get the general idea. Spiritual gifts tends to be a big topic amongst Christians. There are numerous Bible studies, Book studies, workshops, websites, and of course, Wikipedia, which divulge details relating to spiritual gifts. You can even take Myers-Briggs type tests to determine what your spiritual gifts are.

Here are a few:

Encouragement Teaching Giving Leadership Prophecy Discernment Administration Mercy Service Healing Faith Wisdom Knowledge Evangelism Pastor

I know that my spiritual gifts, the things that I am good at that God wants me to use for His Kingdom, are Encouragement and Discernment. Oh, I’m good at several of the others as well. For example, I am awesome at Administration. I am seriously good at it. And I can teach well when I need to, I give a lot, I love serving, etc. However, the gifts that I am great at, the ones that I know God wants me to use, are Encouragement and Discernment. Tomorrow I’ll attempt to talk about how I’m actually using those gifts.

What interests and talents has God given to you that you know He wants you to use?


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