Son of God orphanage update

I’m saddened to wake up this morning to the news that rescued children from Son of God orphanage, are missing. Here’s more information from Seth Barnes.

I’ve seen that the United States has a history of running in to “save” people in other countries, and only managing to leave deep scars and great damage. My whole being prays in hope that this is not what happened here. From what I see, it’s not, and I’m glad to believe that. Several U.S. organizations blew the whistle on the abuse at the orphanage, and the Haitian government responded. It’s Haiti that’s caring for their people, and that’s a great thing. However, the concern with so many children missing is that the abuse continues, and the children went from a horrible situation to a worse one. Without finding them, we can’t know the truth.

The best possible outcome for these orphans, from my perspective, would be that children who were once abused, will be healed, and the Haitian government would step in, care for its own people, and begin to build a name for themselves as a country who protects its own.

With hundreds of thousands of orphans in Haiti, the government has a massive responsibility. You can sign the petition and encourage the government to conduct an investigation, find the missing children, and take a stand against child abuse and government corruption.

If you pray, please pray that justice will be given to these children, that they would be safe from harm, and that they are able to heal physically and emotionally.


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