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As you may have noticed, I recently discovered the joys of the blog world. Sad, since it’s been around for years, but I seem to have a little more time to committ to the online realm of communication nowdays. I’ve stumbled onto some excellent conversations, and find more daily. If you think of a blog that I may enjoy, feel free to post a comment and let me know about it!

Here are two that I think deserve a special shout-out.

Wonderings of a Wanderer

“As I am writing this, it seems, that I am simply rehashing a few Sunday School clichés. But there is such reassurance when you let the truth sink in. These last couple of weeks have been trying to say the least. But we have to remember that the life we have been given is not our own. God has purpose in everything. And his purposes are good.”

KJ commentary: This is a blog of dear friends from my community. Not only does Eric have the best blogroll around (to keep me entertained if he hasn’t posted for a few days), but his honest thoughts and opinions always encourage me in my spiritual journey.

Movement, Movement

“What if we were just for a hypothetical moment to consider some of our most entrenched beliefs to be wrong? What would life look like through that lens? What would our friends and family look like though that lens?

Would we, in knowing we could be wrong, be more honest? More transparent? More humble? More graceful? More dependent on each other?”

KJ Commentary: Now I wish I could say I know this guy. I feel like I do most days. Most of my friends have him listed on their blogroll so I stumbled into the relationship. Amos keeps my day moving forward with his entertaining comments, photos, and videos. Thank you, blogger, for telling me when there’s been an update.

The unfortunate thing about this online realm, is that I don’t have the priveledge of having in-person conversations with some of these people. But there are great joys in having the opportunity to know someone I might not have met before. So – stop reading my page and read theirs! You won’t be disappointed.


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