Seeing Christ

One quote that still replays in my mind, is “I see you”.

This phase held so much meaning for the people of Pandora. It means more than just “oh hey, I see that you’re here”. It means I see into you, see you for who you are. I like to think it means, “I am seeing the world through your eyes”.

I want to know these words. I want to experience these words. I want to live life being willing to see it through the eyes of someone else.

It’s more than walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. It’s walking a mile in your own shoes, but with the other person and in their territory.

It’s seeing Christ through the eyes of a financially impoverished Nicaraguan family.

It’s seeing Christ through the eyes of my grandfather, who disagrees with all of my decisions.

It’s seeing Christ through the eyes of my friends whose interests I know nothing about.

It’s seeing Christ through the eyes of Pat Robertson, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, and dare I say…Westboro Baptist Church.

I can’t help but think that if I stopped to see into another person, how different my responses to them would be. I’d probably have a lot more grace and a lot more love and a lot more compassion.

I might change, I might grow, and they might also…begin to see Jesus through my eyes.

Written for the Rally to Restore Unity Synchroblog. Make your way over to Rachel Held Evans’ blog for more conversations on restoring unity among Christians, or check out how you can help her bring clean water to the thirsty.


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