I’m searching my brain for a creative blog post, and am consistently coming up blank.  So you get a scattered list instead. Here’s what I’m currently thinking about:

  1. Russian Politics (attempting to read a book about Russia that’s been on the shelf for 2 years)

  2. Researching my sample ballot so I know who to vote for

  3. Angels of Mercy, Durban, South Africa – an organization that cares for pregnant teens.

  4. Wondering why I can never put a letter in the mail after I’ve written it. Concluding that I’m lazy in that area.

  5. Planning what I need to buy to make a salad for neighborhood group

  6. Timing, so that I can buy and make the salad and be at group by 6.

  7. I need to go grocery shopping. I have no healthy food.

  8. I hate grocery shopping.

  9. Necesito hablar mas en espanol

  10. I love Norah Jones’ music

  11. Why do I always want life to be easy? I wouldn’t enjoy it if it were. But that doesn’t leave me any less frustrated with the decisions I have to make.

  12. I really do like being single. And will be content with it for a very long time. Yet still, I wonder…and just a little, wish that I weren’t. It would sure cut back on a few of those unknown decisions.

  13. Welcome to a small portion of my thoughts.

  14. And the phone rings. “Bridges to Care“. pause. “Si, hablo espanol.”


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