Reverse attack.

Spiritual attacks are no joke, kids.

I’m sure I’ve been spiritually attacked throughout my life, but I’ve only begun to claim it as such in the last year. I remember the first time I recognized a spiritual attack – whenn I was in volunteering in a Crisis Pregnancy Centre. I’m pretty sure I blogged about it somewhere, but I’d have to go looking for that link so just take my word for it (side note: how do all of you bloggers remember what you blogged about and then link to it? I’m always so impressed). It was a rough week that week of the spiritual attack, however as soon as my community pointed it out, we were able to conquer the attack together (with Jesus, of course).

Now, since the announcement to bring restoration to victims of human trafficking in Nashville, I have been met with spiritual attacks fairly regularly. How do I know this is what they are? There are several ways, which I cannot share here. We do not need to give power to these attacks by publishing them on the internet. Instead, we are going to give power to Jesus Christ.

I am quickly learning how to recognize an attack, and what to do to fight it. As soon as I can acknowledge what is happening, I begin to pray. Acknoledgement, like any good recovery meeting will tell you, is crucial to overcoming anything. Before true acknoledgement, I may notice that strange things are happening, and even pray over the situation, without claiming it as a spiritual attack. However, the instant that I can, in my mind, fully acknowledge the situation and begin to pray specifically and out loud, then I have given Jesus Christ power over the situation.

For example, yesterday I realized what was happening after I was already far in the middle of being attacked. I finally began praying, “In the name of Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, who is Lord over all,  you have conquered death. You love me, and gave yourself for me. You are Jesus Christ. I believe in your power and that you are who you say you are. ” As I repeatedly prayed such words, I began to remember their power. Not only that, but Christ started winning for me. From texts to chats to someone coming into my office, the Holy Spirit intervened and began to heal. Less than one hour later, the things that attacked me were no more. Their effects were still there (I am worn out from battle), but I was stronger and went about the rest of my day walking with Christ instead of walking on my own. I had given Him control instead of trying to walk through it on my own.

How do you recognize when you are being spiritually attacked? Do you have people whom you can go to that will walk through it with you?


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