Restless thoughts

I don’t have any deep-thinking content for you today. Per the usual, dozens of thoughts race through my mind, like an empty classroom waiting for laughing children and air full of knowledge.

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I write because my thoughts need a place to rest. When the pictures and ideas find their way to a piece of paper or electronic document, they no longer take up precious space in my mind.

This is why I like lists. They organize information quickly and effectively.

I like to read anything my eyes set on, from cereal boxes to Russian novels. You’d think that I could read faster than I do, but I take my time, reading and soaking in every word. Especially if the words make their way in front of me between 10pm and 10am. Anything happening during those hours takes me twice as long to process.

Yet my best writing happens late at night, under pressure. I just usually don’t remember writing it.

I write this blog because I like the space to share my thoughts. I think that maybe, just maybe, someone needs to hear what I say.

I no longer believe the old saying, “If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything at all.”

Yet I know that words have power, so wisdom says to be careful how we use them towards other people.

I hate using the verb “to be”, and all its forms, in a sentence, but some days my creativity is lacking and I can’t get my point across without using “is”. I also hate using the word “get”, because I think if it can’t be translated into Spanish, I don’t need to use it in English.

But how do you say “my sister got married” without using the word “got”? And yes, that’s still bothering me from a post weeks ago.

I’m not that great at letting things go.

Question: What do you do when your thoughts can’t find a place to rest?


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