It seems my blog post yesterday was a fail on many accounts. I’ll probaby try to re-post the photos at some point as well as add more (obviously). Also, yesterday I couldn’t really think clearly to write a focused post. Maybe today will be better.

The last week was basically an orientaion for me. I spent a lot of time meeting and getting to know many people.  Wednesday was my first day at the Centre, and it began with going to a school and observing a program called Think Twice: Undiluted. It’s a program that talks about STIs, sex, and the issues related to both.  We went to a second school on Friday where I had the opportunity to be a little more involved. The kids are definitely entertained by my “American” accent! As Friday was Women’s Day of Prayer, I also shared a devotional with the girls in this school and then a shorter version in a school assembly.

Thursday I spent the day with this cool lady. Her brother is a friend of mine in the States. Shelly happens to live very close to the Pregnancy Centre. Such a small world! I’m looking forward to getting to know her and her family better while I’m here. She has two children and we enjoyed Ushakka for the day. Ushakka = Seaworld. I saw my first dolphin show! We had a great day ending with spinach lasagna. A day at seaworld with two fantastic children, a new friend, and healthy food. Life is grand.

Saturday I spent the entire day with the youth leader and several youth learning the game of Cricket. I was suprised at how much I enjoyed it. I even came home with a South African flag! Who knew that a game that lasts five days could be so fun? On that note, I’m glad we only went for one of the five.

That gives you a little idea of what I’ve been up to.. The next few weeks are going to be busy! I talked with the director of the Pregnancy Centre this morning and have more of an idea of what I’ll be doing while I’m here. Including, but not limited to, 2 fundraisers, and helping with a program called “Galz Clubhouse”, which is a week-long program for girls to learn what it’s like to be pregnant and care for a baby, as well as talk about other sex-related issues. When I’m not preparing for those, I’ll continue with the Think Twice: Undiluted program, as well as helping a little with the youth group here. There will be plenty of time for fun as well, so be on the lookout for great photos (as long as they post correctly)!


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