Rain, rain, go away

I’m blaming my bad moods on the rain. It’s been so dark and dreary around here for the last week. I need the sun!

Yesterday, I got off of work unexpectedly early. I spent the afternoon checking out a local guitar shop and an antique/lamp shop. This was awesome because I really love lamps! I even went back with a lamp from my great-grandmother and he told me all about it, and how I can get it repaired. So cool.

In an attempt to focus on the positive, since all of my recent thoughts are extremely negative, here are some things that I’m thankful for. I tried to post this with the expected Thanksgiving “thankful for __” list, but my draft didn’t save and the computer deleted it… And, here we go.

  1. I have a job

  2. My bills are paid

  3. I have food to eat

  4. I have a bed to sleep in

  5. My family loves me

  6. I have a family

  7. I have a university degree

  8. Lots of things that I have….

  9. Apple cider when it’s cold out

  10. The written word

  11. Other countries and cultures

  12. Experts

  13. I’m basically healthy

  14. Other vegetarians

  15. History

  16. Church

  17. Libraries

  18. Animals

  19. Trees

  20. Social workers

  21. Being an extrovert

  22. Technology

  23. Airplanes

  24. Deep conversations (see previous post)

  25. People who actually read my blog

  26. Norah Jones

  27. Jazz

  28. Musical expression

  29. Art

  30. Dance. yes.

  31. Easy mac

  32. Free food

  33. Gifts

  34. Ten typing fingers

  35. Forced childhood piano lessons

  36. Men

  37. The sun

  38. Holidays, aka built-in vacation days

  39. That I’ve never been tortured, beaten, or physically harmed by another person

  40. Thrift stores – who needs chain retail stores? no, thank you.

  41. Craigslist

  42. Drain-O, even though it doesn’t work it makes me feel less helpless

  43. Someone once taught me how to follow a dance lead

  44. Laughter

  45. Google maps & google search

  46. Organic food

  47. Bloggers, who give me something to do all day

  48. I can speak Spanish at my job

  49. I can speak Spanish!

  50. That I’m ending this list because 50 is plenty, but I could continue.

Congratulations on reading the list. Extra points to you if you read the entire thing. Now, back to apartment searching…


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