One year and counting

I’ve officially lived in Music city for one year. While catching up with this guy, we began talking about the highlights of the last year. This is a good exercise for me, because I’m great at focusing on the negative. So here, in no particular order, are the highlights of my year in the Buckle of the Bible Belt.

  1. Met this family while working as a waitress

  2. Positive time in Gering for Christmas

  3. Ben Folds concert with Nashville symphony (free)

  4. 2 Predators Hockey games (free)

  5. Michael Buble concert (free)

  6. I sort of managed a band

  7. Bought a t-shirt and started hugging everyone

  8. Became a member at City Church of East Nashville

  9. Celebrated Chinese New Year with friends I met in China

  10. The hammock underneath the apple tree in my backyard

  11. Two visits to see kin in Mississippi

  12. LASP reunion at the DC Cherry Blossom Festival

  13. Finally found a “real” social work job

  14. Toured Mercy Ministries home

  15. Weekend trip to Nebraska to see my bro

  16. Stood on the circle of the Ryman Stage

  17. Took 3rd place in my first swing dance competition

  18. Learned how to make collard greens

  19. Trained with CASA

Things I still want to do in Nashville:

  1. Visit the Frist

  2. See the gardens (Cheekwood, Hermitage, etc)

  3. Go to the zoo

  4. Take an ice skating class

  5. Go rock climbing

  6. Take 1st place in a swing dance competition


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