Notes from the CCCU fan club

You know you’ve worked at the CCCU when….

  1. You cry when you find out that the home staff has changed and someone is moving on.

  2. You attend a random required restaurant class and find yourself begging someone to go to RSP before even mentioning MESP.

  3. You mention the above and the random person never even asked you about studying abroad in the first place, but you noticed that they attend a CCCU school.

  4. It’s strange to you that your co-workers don’t know or care about the confusion in your life.

  5. You see a picture of yourself with Marge and you try and yell to the other room to ask her a question.

  6. Your date doesn’t really know you until he says “I’ll c – c- c- u – later”

  7. Your date thinks that Potts is what you cook in and TMatt is a fancy word for coaster.


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