My priorities are in the right place…I think.


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I’ve read a lot lately that talks about priorities. Many discussions about where are your priorities. Most of the posts that I read say that the priorities list looks something like this:

1. God

2. Self

3. Husband/Wife

4. Kids

5. Friends

6. Career

7. Etc.

I struggle with these lists. Mostly, because I don’t have a husband or kids, so my priorities list naturally differs from this one.  But no matter how many times I begin thinking about what my priorities are, I start to feel a twinge of guilt that I don’t have my priorities right because I place my career towards the top of the list.

I know that these lists exist for my priorities, and not someone else’s, but it’s tough when I read so much material written by married folks.  I’ll keep working through that, but what I want to know is –

Does anyone else have a tough time believing something because it’s true for you, and not for someone else? Do you struggle with similar issues? Are priorities something you think about and if so, how do you arrange yours?


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