My blogger #FF, Part 3

This is last in my Blogroll Series. I don’t have my blogroll posted on a page, but wanted to still share it with you. Here are some great writers that you may enjoy getting to know!

Blogroll Part 1 Blogroll Part 2

Rachelle Gardener : A publishing professional, Rachelle gives helpful insight into the world of books, publishing, and writing. She freely shares her knowledge and truly wants you to succeed.

Red Letter Christians: A blog started by Tony Campolo and friends. These writers aren’t afraid to tackle controversy. They engage in conversations and challenging topics with dignity and respect.

See Preston Blog: A Baylor University student who just signed his first book contract, Preston is an excellent writer, sharing about life and faith. We don’t always agree, but we help each other grow in the process of disagreement.

TentBlogger: If you want to be a better blogger, you’ll read this site. Giving tips and tricks to the technology behind blogging, John Saddington manages to trick me into enjoying the ins and outs of keeping up a blog.

The Millers in Madagascar: It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Ronald and Shelly Miller. Missionaries to Madagascar and dear friends, the Millers write about their life and work in Antananarivo.

Pioneer Woman: Her Confessions always make me smile. For those who like to cook, she’s apparently pretty good at it. She also gives things away, takes great pictures, and is an expert at laughing at herself.

The Write Practice: Exactly what it says. Practice at writing! A great blog full of tips and suggestions for becoming a better writer.

WithoutWax: Pete Wilson is a Nashville pastor, and author. His blog wavers between the serious and the light-hearted. My favorite quote of his? “It’s less about the end result and more about who you’re becoming in the process”.


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