Moving Woes

I’ve learned from my friend, Nancy, the benefits of a top-ten list. Here’s my first! The top 10 reasons to re-consider moving.

  1. Purchasing new auto insurance

  2. Changing residency – new Driver’s liscense

  3. Registering my car in a new state

  4. Meeting new people

  5. Finding my way around a new city

  6. Job search

  7. Health insurance

  8. Unpacking – or in my case, trying to find what I need that is still in storage

  9. Finding a church

  10. New budget

It’s amazing how much time all of this takes! As a dear friend taught me, just take the list one thing at a time. It will all eventually get done. But if you are considering a move, be prepared to spend lots of time cutting through red tape!


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