Moved out.

I’m rather tired today, so this won’t be long.

You know you are loved when your friends help you move and say it was fun.

This past weekend was rather busy, and definitely had its stressful moments. I am now completely moved out of my house, and all of my belongings are in storage. For the next six days, I am staying with my dear friends, Jonathan and Tish. Next Tuesday (ridiculously early in the AM), I am boarding several planes to eventually arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa. Four days, later, I will arrive in Durban. I have the priveledge of spending those first four days in Botswana with dear friends who are working with the Peace Corp and loving their neighbors.

Special thanks to friends Josh, Hitoshi, Adam, Meredith, and Chris for help with the moving process. Chris gets a double shout-out for putting together the Sunday night send-off.

This next week will be full of coffee/tea dates, last-minute shopping, and re-packing my suitcase. And yes, attempting to fill the last 15 pages in my journal which I am reluctant to let go of. I’ve been journaling in the same notebook for the last 5 years and feel like I’m losing a friend. Alas, it is time to move on and I’m looking forward to seeing what stories the next journal will hold.

At times like these, I wish I liked coffee….


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