Midnight Thoughts

I have too many thoughts on my mind right now to attempt sleeping. I read, then watched a movie, journaled, and now it’s blog time.

I have moved on in my job at Applebee’s and am now waitressing and working in the kitchen instead of hosting, and loving it most of the time. Mostly, I love getting to know my coworkers. They have great stories and I love loving them. I’ve served some really cool people, too!

I’ve started to think about where and when I want to move to my own place here in Nashvegas. I finally found a church home, which will help. I was bursting full of joy and energy after attending this church tonight. I know that God is calling me to this community, he made it clear to many in miraculous ways. I already know at least 7 people in this church, and that was before I met others tonight! This community resembles the community I was a part of in D. C., and I am anxious to become involved. Plus, it meets at night so I can now work Sunday mornings and minister to the church crowd! I have always heard bad stories about the church crowd at restaurants, now is my chance to see how much truth is in that and to see how God can influence those stories through me.

This weekend I had many special privileges that I would like to tell you about. Friday night, I got to see my friend Roger and meet his lovely esposa, Holly. We had a great time of conversation along with Molly and Justin – my precious friends here in Nashville. Saturday I had an exhausting day of serving, but it ended with an amazingly deep conversation with one of the cooks. Less than two hours later, I was on the dance floor learning the cha-cha and showing off my swing dancing moves with my friend Luke. He’s a great dancer, ladies! We topped the night off with ice cream and conversation. (can you tell I love conversation?)

Today – well, yesterday – I thoroughly enjoyed a Sabbath. After sleeping in, I watched movies with my cousin-in-law, then it was off to meet my new church community!

It’s been a full weekend for me here! I feel richly blessed and full of joy. Although, I must admit, there is much on my mind regarding relationships here in Nashville. I appreciate prayers as I continue to settle in this new town and seek out God in new ways.

Peace be with you! Disclaimer: As much as I don’t want to sleep right now, I’m pretty tired so I’m not writing all that well. I hope you still enjoyed it!


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