Marge, and the story she tells

I just re-read some old posts, and I noticed that I have the same themes repeating in my life. I feel a little bit like I’m repeating the same lessons, ideas, struggles, or dreams. I have been influenced by certain people and philosophies and I tend to hold on to those. Each time I repeat a theme, I get a little bit stronger, a little bit deeper, and a little bit more confident.

I remember in college how I would get so frustrated with people who refused to see other view points, particularly people who were much older than I was. There were people who were set in their ways and were determined to tell me how wrong I was in my way of thinking. In turn, I was a stubborn college student who was set in her ways and believed that I had all of the right answers and those old people needed to learn to be willing to see new ideas and change their opinions.

Today, I’m just as stubborn, but a little more mature. I see how easy it is to go down a path, to struggle and fight for your beliefs and be determined to follow them without backing down. To come to a point where I’ve worked so hard to figure out what I believe and want, that no other options make sense. I can’t say enough how much I admire people like my friend, Marge, who is 60+ and continually willing to learn new things and see other views. This comes so easily to her, but she’s been practicing for years. She travels the world, never ceasing to form new friendships, hear life stories, and discuss new (or old) ideas. She’s kept in touch with friends for decades because she understands that relationships matter. She has suffered deeply, and loved deeper. Marge has never stopped learning, asking questions, hearing stories, and finding new ways to serve. That’s who she is. It would be a dark day if Marge ever decided that she was always right and that there were no more lessons to be learned.

It would be a dark day if any of us decided that we were always right and there were no more lessons to be learned. Even if I repeat the same themes and write on the same topics for the next 60 years, I hope that I’ll still be willing to see new and deeper lessons. I hope that I’ll remember that it’s relationships that matter, not my stubborn beliefs in things past.


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