Love v. Selfishness

Last weekend, we went to visit my cousin for her 2nd birthday. I’m having trouble uploading the photo, but I’ll try again soon.

All last week I worked for a law firm as their secretary. And remembered why I left administrative work. By the end of the week I had sent out 3 more resumes. Now I have 2 job interviews in Nashville! Hopefully those will lead to more interviews and I’ll eventually get a job. I’ll be in Nashville by early Novemeber. It’s been a long transition.

I’m learning a lot about love lately. I’m in this class at church called “motives for living”. It’s led by a counselor and we’re talking about love and selfishness. I’m seeing how selfish I am and ways to change that. Mostly, I’m learning about how to love the unlovable. For me, that means loving people who think they have God figured out, but in my opinion are missing a lot of freedom and life. Then I realize that I’m being selfish/ judgemental in my attitudes toward these people and I’m not any better than they are. This whole life thing is not that easy, is it?


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