Last week’s Haiti news

For those of you following me on Facebook or Twitter, you probably heard about this story last week, but I wanted to post it here.

About ten days ago, I saw this tweet from Jeff Goins:

Last week wasn’t one I’d really like to remember. But I do want to remember this. I followed the story of this orphanage all last week, and watched as Jeff Goins and Seth Barnes continued to post updates. Their goal was to generate a large amount of media attention, in hopes that the Haitian government would step in and close down the orphanage.

The orphanage, with 74 children in its care, was abusing and trafficking the children. Children had gone missing, were malnourished, and many near death.

After two petitions, 11,000 signatures, and some media attention, Son of God orphanage was closed down.

In barely one week, the voices of a few people turned into thousands. The government heard, and responded. Children were rescued and transferred to trustworthy homes.

That’s incredible.

I never want to forget that when we raise our voices on behalf of the oppressed, miraculous changes can happen. God is always on the side of the poor and oppressed. It’s our privilege to be on the same team.

Thank you, Jeff, Seth, and the dozens of others who stood up for these kids and didn’t give up.

Let’s keep praying that 74 children, who were living traumatic lives, who have had their lives disrupted once again, that they would be loved deeply and loved well. Let’s pray for their caregivers, that they wouldn’t burn out. That caregivers would have strength and unlimited love to pass on. Let’s pray that these 74 people will live lives of hope, faith, and courage.


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