Welcome to the newly designed!

I’m freshly back from Wild Goose Fest, and thrilled to start the week off by launching this redesigned site.

A community of great people offered their expertise over the last few months to make this happen. Saying “I’m grateful” just doesn’t seem to cut it, but I am certainly grateful. You’ll be hearing their names and praises soon enough.

Subscriptions should have transferred over, but in the event that they didn’t, I am sorry. Please don’t hold it against me and leave me forever. If you are not subscribed, doing so will keep you from missing posts!

Click on all of the links. Except for the word “Go” at the top (how many of you just did that?). Please be sure to check out the About page, where you’ll see my top viewed posts and a few random facts about me.

Thanks for stopping by! I am honored that you would spend your time here and I can’t wait to see where this goes!


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