Kyla Joy, The Practical Life Coach

Pfish, pfshooh. That’s the sound of me dusting off this old blog. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written in this space. Good grief, it’s been this long since I’ve written anything at all. I took some time off to get a much-needed reprieve from social media. I was so immersed in twitter and facebook and blogging all those years ago that I felt exhausted with everyone else’s opinions and news. So I stepped away, focused on advancing my career and personal life a bit, matured even more, and here I am. As I write this, my almost-three-year-old keeps escaping his bedroom, where he’s supposed to be sleeping, shouting, “mommy! Here I am, Rocking like a hurricane!” and “mommmmmmy, mommmmy!” Tagged with anything he can think to add that he futilely hopes will send me rushing to his room to rock him to sleep. Not tonight, kid. That might sound insensitive, and like I’ve forgotten, “this is the only time I have and it goes so fast and spend the time you can with them” But, you see, I’ve learned a few things about this amazing boy in three years. Such as – he hates bedtime and will do whatever he can do avoid it. And the more I give in to that, the more he will refuse and avoid to sleep. Parenting is no joke. So instead of writing during the last three years, I’ve been learning about the needs of tiny humans. But sometime over the last three years as I’ve stayed at home, worked part-time from home during nap times and late at night and whenever I could beg for a babysitter, pushed through long days so my best friend & husband could work on a college degree, got pregnant to do all of the crazy infant stage a second time, tried to maintain relationships and build new ones to keep me sane, sometime during all of that…I grew some courage. And here we are. School is over for the hubs (for now), my student loans are (finally) paid off, baby #2 is crazy easy and happy (for now), I have more time and energy than I’ve had in three years, and I have new ideas, people! And now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned, set new goals, and dream even bigger this time around. I even finally broke down and bought a smart phone. Things are changing, ya’ll. With these changes – I’m offering what I’ve learned to YOU. I’ll be your encourager, your cheerleader, your guru. If you’re feeling stuck, I can push you. If you’re feeling unsure, I will help you figure out why. If you’re tired of telling the same story and want to forge a new path, let me forge it with you. I am a hopelessly practical person who wants to take this giant pile of things I’ve learned and put it to good use – by sharing it. Send me a message – I promise, I’m the one who reads and responds to messages so you’ll hear directly from me. Not a robot. Not a team of random people on another coach’s website so you don’t know who you’re actually talking to. Me, I’ll answer. If you’ve been looking for the right time to change something, now is it. I can’t wait to see where this road takes us!

With Joy, Kyla


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