I love that word, really, I do. I grew up hearing it, and I’m still confused as to why people are so entertained when I use it. Kinfolk. That’s what they’re called! Do you really expect me to say the entire phrase “extended family”? “Relatives” just doesn’t cut it. When I go to visit my kinfolk, I spend much of my time with my 2nd and 3rd cousins. I’m closer to them than to any first cousin of mine. So yes, I’m going to use the word kinfolk. It’s beautiful and perfectly describes my family.

I spent Thanksgiving weekend with my kinfolk in Northern Mississippi. Visiting there always brings me great joy, life lessons, and unexpected family gossip. Visits never fail to teach me something new about my family history; this year I learned that Uncle Bill and Aunt Ann (or mammaw and pappaw depending on you talk to) were married at 19 and 17. So young! Later that day Aunt Ann (who is actually my great-aunt) told me I wasn’t ready to get married. ?? I guess she’s experienced a lot since 17.

Did you know, that being vegetarian in Mississippi is as close to impossible as you can be? Especially when tempted with fried turkey and fresh deer meat.

Did you know, that my name is really not pronounced “K-eye-la” in Mississippi, but pronounced “Kah-eye-la”. How many times did you try?

Yes, Mississippi is a great place. Home of William Faulkner, Morgan Freeman, and invisible men during deer season. What more could a woman ask for?

On a side note: my brother leaves today for Air Force Basic training. Please pray for him that he will not be discouraged during basic, but encouraged to seek Christ more each day. We won’t hear from him until the end of January.

Also, prepare to be excited for my next blog, a CD review of Eric Brown’s new release.


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