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When I met my new friend, Eric, he asked me what my name meant. I gave him the same answer I’ve always given. “It’s from the Bible. 1 Samuel. David saves the city of Kyla”.

Everyone has always been okay with that answer. But no, not Eric.

“A biblical name. That’s cool. Where is the city of Kyla?”

Where? Is? It?

You’d think by now someone would have asked me that. But nope. And I’ve never thought about it, either. An Old Testament city. End of statement. End of thought.

Eric, being the cool guy that he is, encouraged me to do some research. So I skipped writing the grad school essay after lunch and did just that. I love the internet.

Apparently, it’s located in Israel/Palestine, somewhere in between the cities of Beersheba and Hebron. That’s not very specific, but hey -I’ll take it. There are several descriptions of where it is located, but that research isn’t happening today. Let me know if you are an expert in the area and can draw a map. For now, Maps.Google is going to have to suffice.


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