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And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done. Genesis 2:3

If you come from a Christian background, you’ve likely heard this verse before. Along with “Bless the Sabbath and keep it holy”, we heard this verse as we grumbled out of bed early Sunday morning. Sunday mornings never seemed all that restful to me, but I am grateful that my parents established a habbit of taking a day off.

My senior year of college was an extremely busy year. I will spare you the details, and just say that I had the biggest course load of my college career, amongst other things. I decided then that I would take one day each week to rest. For me this meant doing something fun, or doing nothing at all. Whatever I did, school work would not be involved. I am so grateful that I began to establish this discipline.

Over the last few weeks this summer, I seemed to forget the importance of rest. Of course, I wasn’t always working. Much of my ‘busy-ness’ included fun events and spending time with friends. However in the midst of having fun, the play time became ‘busy-time’. Between my day-job, my two non-profit activities, hundreds of texts (i know, i know), and a myriad of other activi

I spent two days resting this weekend, truly resting. With no agenda, it took me the entire weekend before I felt relaxed. So much of my time lately has been planned, scheduled, that I could not even fully enjoy the rest until it was nearly over. Even then I’m not sure I succeeded in “being”. Dozens of times, I told myself that I need to find a new way of coping with all of my stress. I am not going to become less busy as I grow older and more involved in projects, family, or whatever comes my way. Perhaps there is no solution, but I believe that I need to re-learn the day of rest. One day, just to “be”, with no agenda other than allowing myself to rest in the presence of the Lord.

I’m going to struggle with that. I find myself alone on a Saturday with no plans and think that something is wrong. I should be somewhere, doing something. I should be spending time with someone, catching up on their lives. I should be in a coffee shop updating my blog. I should be reading that book that was gifted to me. I should be doing research. I should be running, playing frisbee, taking a walk through the park, calling my family, cleaning my house, or going to worship. I should be doing something.

No, I should just be.

Do you rest each week? What does that look like for you? If you do not, how could a day of rest impact the rest of your week?


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