Just had to say it

Seriously, my family is cool.

My baby sister is ridiculously creative, the other sister ridiculously smart. My brother is ridiculously good at everything, and we’re all ridiculously good-looking (couldn’t resist).

My grandpa can make a quilt faster than you can sleep under one, my grandma is famous for her jell-o recipes, my dad gives superb advice and is always up for doing anything that involves spending time with his kids. My mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies on this side of the Mississippi (I would say in the country or in the world, but that’s just silly, have you tried all of the cookies in the world?), is always working on a new creative project, and selflessly helps her kids out whenever they need it. Yes, I have a great family.

Christmas 2008

Christmas 2008

My grandma has an unfortunate habbit of closing her eyes for pictures, and my grandpa has a great sense of humor. Someone had to take the photo so yours truly isn’t in it. The unaccounted for male is my sister’s awesome boyfriend. Lastly, don’t worry. My brother isn’t normally that pale and awkward-looking. He was just feeling a little…board (compliments of my mother).


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