Joy is…

Joy is… moving forward.

I wrote on the last page of my journal last night. The journal that I began in January, 2004, on the first day of my study abroad experience with Six years, I’ve been writing in the same notebook. It’s a five-subject notebook, and even though I write a lot and often, I somehow managed to extend its life. I don’t like to waste things, see, so I would use every line, not leaving any lines empty. Both sides of each page are full, there are notes in the margins, and even notes on the subject dividers.

Over labor day weekend, I experienced the feeling/thought/understanding that something in my life had changed. A chapter had officially ended, a new one began. How appropriate that I finally made it to the last page of my journal. There wasn’t a specific moment or event, but simply an acknowledgment that the story my life wrote over the last six years has come to a conclusion. Not an end, but a conclusion of an experience. Wrapped like a gift, to be opened and began again. I wrote many ideas in my journal which try to explain the change, but some things cannot be explained. They just are. If you have ever been in love, you understand that explanation.

The last six years brought many challenges and victories, much like I imagine the next six years will bring. Perhaps it wasn’t just a chapter that ended, but a book. A significant part of my story that is officially in the past. What a joy to life life, acknowledge its joys and trials, to accept the past and even rejoice in it. To send the past to rest and live for today. To live for this moment. Live to seek the Kingdom of God on earth, as it is in Heaven. Live to move forward. Live.

What a joy.


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