Joy in the small things

Some days are really difficult for me to get out of bed in the mornings. Days like today, when I have to get going before the sun is up, I am sore from a long run yesterday, and I haven’t spent enough time resting.

In order for me to get through the day, I have to focus on finding joy in the “small things”.

Some days, this is easier to do than others.

Today, I am grateful for the pain in my muscles, which reminds me that I am fortunate to be able to exercise and have a healthy body. I am grateful for the opportunity to work and receive a paycheck.

I’m reminding myself that God loves me and my faults. I am glad for the gifts and skills that God has given me. I see joy in the sticky note stuck to my monitor right now, with the words “Let it be”.

Joy doesn’t always come naturally. Like love, we often have to consciously choose to live it.

How do you find joy in the ‘small things’?


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