Joy in…

Joy in…purpose.

In 2004, I bought an awesome chair hammock while visiting Guatemala. I carried that blue chair, with its ropes, wooden poles, and striped cloth, creatively attached to my backpack through multiple homes, buses, and airports. Over the last six years the blue hammock has traveled through many states, several places of residence, and met nearly twenty roommates. Unfortunately, amidst all of its adventures, the one thing that the hammock failed to experience was the joy in purpose fulfilled. The hammock had never been sat in.

It’s true. The beautiful blue hammock, complete with a side pocket and foot rest, had never fulfilled the purpose it was created for. See, even though I lived in many different places, I could not find a place to hang the hammock. More than that, however, there was never a person who could decipher how to hang it. Oh they have tried. From my dad (sorry, dad) to dates, to handymen, to neighbors or random friends, we could not figure out how to help the poor hammock fulfill its purpose.

How often do we know that we have a purpose, yet that purpose seems to go unfulfilled for what seems like a lifetime? Or perhaps we just cannot figure out exactly what our purpose is. The hammock knew its purpose, it was created for one thing only: to bring rest and relaxation to all those that sit in it. I just had to wait for the right tools.

Do you know your purpose? If not, are their people in your life who can help you in your journey to find it? Are those people taking time to invest in you and your purpose? We cannot achieve greatness on our own. We also cannot achieve greatness if we are not willing to look for it. Sometimes, even though we look, we have to be patient and wait. For greatness, purpose, takes time to grow and build. We must not be in a hurry to reach the end goal. To rush the blue chair hammock would have meant a sore bum for the person who sat in it, when the chair fell to the ground because of improper construction.

There is joy in purpose. Joy in purpose fulfilled. All of the waiting makes the joy fulfilled even more remarkable. Thank you, to the person who invested the time and made the wait worthwhile.


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