Jermaine Lane: Unexpected Compassion

This week I’m hosting a series about compassion. I write a lot about social justice and how we can practically give to the world. I think that without compassion, social justice is just a lot of hard work. I hope that in the next few days, we’ll have significant conversations answering questions like, What is compassion? Why is it important? and What does it look like to live a compassionate life?

Please stop by each day this week to enjoy several guest posts and help create the conversation. YOU make this a discussion by adding your thoughts and reflections in the comments. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

We’re starting the week off with a story, written to share with you by my friend, Jermaine.

Jermaine left me a blog comment earlier this year, and we became fast friends. He has a contagious passion for life and hope. I’m excited to share his compelling story, one that you might even recognize

And so it came to pass A certain famous conservative preacher was robbed at gunpoint Beaten, stabbed, and left on the street to die.

The preacher’s assistant watched the crime happen from a distance Yet did nothing, secretly hoping the man would die so he could take his place As the leader of a multi-million dollar church, to leverage toward political aspirations.

Then came a popular televangelist, walking by with his iPad. He came upon the preacher, looked him over, said a prayer, and kept walking. He had to finish his sermon notes for the coming weekend’s episode.

And it just so happened a block away was The 7th Annual Drag Queen Competition At Sam Aritan’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill. Three drag queens left the building and happened upon the preacher.

They immediately recognized him, Echoes of his divisive rhetoric rang in their ears. Yet, they had compassion on him.

Hailing a cab, the female impersonators took him to the nearest hospital. They waited through the night until he was out of intensive care, Then conversed with the doctor about the preacher’s well-being.

The doctor informed the trio that due to the preacher’s injuries, His kidneys were damaged and he would need a transplant. They immediately volunteered to be tested as a donor match.

They told the doctor to send them the preacher’s medical bills And to keep them informed of his recovery. The drag queens then strutted off, with flair and a smile.

 Compassion is a gift given, not asked for nor expected.

Was there a time someone unexpected showed compassion to you, or vice versa?

Jermaine is a proud dad, husband, and blogger. He writes thoughts and poems about living courageously at his blog, Life Unrestricted. You can also follow him on facebook and twitter.


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