In Parts. Two

Part 2: Work

This summer was one of the best times of my life to date. With no steady employment, I was forced to depend daily on Christ and rest in His great love for me. My faith grew immensely as I knew that I was a loved child of God who wanted to care for me. Along with that, I had to acknowledge that His idea of caring for me and my idea might be a little different. While fully knowing there are millions that are unemployed and struggling for every bite to eat, I was forced to see Christ from a perspective that I so easily had forgotten. What a tragedy to forget God as being the God who provides for my deepest needs. This summer I had no choice but to remember.

I dog sat, and house sat and baby sat. I did a lot of sitting. I taught anger management classes. My favorite job all summer was interpreting. I applied for jobs. Lots of them. Nearly 100. My goal was to apply for at least one job a day, and I did! I tried not to be picky, but can acknowledge that sometimes I was. I had interviews. Not nearly as many interviews as jobs for, but interviews nonetheless. Some of them went great, others not so much. I found out that no matter how well or terrible the interview went, I was not going to get a job until the Lord wanted me to.

Some thought I was foolish for leaving my job in the midst of a recession and going overseas. Perhaps I was. It definitely didn’t make my life easy. The fact that I have a job now doesn’t change anything that happened or any decisions made. I could very well still be unemployed like many others. I don’t deserve what I’ve been given, but I’m grateful for it. I pray that I use these gifts well. I think it’s crucial to add that even were I still unemployed, I don’t think the decision to go to South Africa was a foolish one. The Lord did a lot of great things through that decision, both in my life and the lives of others. I hope that the last nine months have been a testimony to God’s faithfulness and love. Sometimes the most joyful and productive journey isn’t the easiest road to travel.

I am completely convinced that I am exactly where the Lord wants me right now. This isn’t my “dream” job, not at all. I’m working in data entry at a university, something that I tried so hard to avoid. However sometime in the last two years I’ve found out that I like administrative/data work. Shocker. And I’m great at it! I am content, and grateful. An added bonus? I have great coworkers!

Tomorrow’s Post: Homeless.

All praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.


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