In parts. One

Part 1: Recap

I left my job back in February, and by the end of the month I was in South Africa. A lot has happened since then. Here’s a re-cap. Next week will break it down in separate posts. I’ve got to keep your attention somehow!

March 1 – April 15: Volunteering with Angels of Mercy Pregnancy Crisis Centre. Curious? See previous posts starting here.

April – May: Spent time with my family in Nebraska, as part of sending off Alicia to Bolivia with Word Made Flesh.

May – June: LOTS of job searching, interviewing, and working part-time jobs. I did everything from babysitting to house sitting/dog sitting, interpreting, or teaching classes.

July: Road trip! Nashville to California, to Nebraska, to Mississippi, to Nashville.

August: One final job interview, which led to my current and permanent employment.

September – Present: Learning the ropes as a Database Coordinator at a local University.

That’s the outline. Next week you’ll get the book.

All praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.


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